The excitement and craziness of a wedding day is something that never gets old. I am grateful to all my clients for entrusting me with the job of making sure everyone remembers it! during your day, I strive to capture all that's happening around us in a way that feels natural, documentary and unstuffy. I shoot in a documentary style, focusing on creating images that reflect the personalities around me, the true and candid events and emotions of the day with as little interruption from me as possible. Yes, I do some posing with my couples but I focus on keeping it cool and unstuffy. My goal is to capture who you are, not change it. At weddings, my other goal is to photograph what you are missing because it goes by so fast and you can't see it all! I am in love with the look and process of working with film and in the past I shot with it a lot. But as the culture of wedding photography has changed, shooting primarily with my DSL (professional digital) cameras works best. But, I make sure the end product reflects a warmth, saturation and grain similar to what you get from most types of timeless film photographs. I want to take photos you will love forever.

Please contact me if you are interested in getting pricing and package information for a wedding and/or engagement shoot. I have a package that will suit a very big day, down to a package that is perfect for intimate elopements. Alicia Osborne Photography welcomes all couples!